The Disastrous Hurricane Called Harvey

The Hurricane that no one is apt to ever forget, at least those who experienced it in Houston, continues on its rampage. The remains of Hurricane Harvey continues dumping record-breaking levels of water on the city and its surrounding areas, it looks like rescue attempts of thousands continue around the clock, using both air and water craft.

The area in an around Houston, reports USA Today, has received as much as 50 inches or more in some areas – which is a record from a hurricane. In one day, more than 3,000 people have been rescued. They are receiving more than 1,000 calls each hour. The Police and Fire Departments, as well as the National Guard, all have their hands full trying to save people during this disaster.

The water levels continue to rise, and this has led to water either overflowing some levees, or deliberately being released to control the amount of water flowing downriver. No relief from the rising water is expected. Another 12 inches (could be as much as 20 inches) is expected before the event from Hurricane Harvey is over.

A problem is that the roads out of town are blocked due to water, or from stopped and abandoned cars. With water levels rising, many people are panicking.

Shelters are open and government officials believe that as many as 30,000 people will be in them, says CNN. As many as 450,000 people are expected to need assistance from this disaster.

Of course, once the waters begin to recede – in about a week – other problems will begin to arise, reports the Washington Post. Besides having to watch out now for snakes and alligators in the water, and fire ants, afterwards there will be an increase in disease, black mold, and mosquitoes.

By now, many people are wondering why is this happening and what is God doing about it? While I certainly cannot say I know all the reasons, I want to invite you to get my eBook called “Finding Bible Answers to the Troubles of Life,” showing how God uses some disastrous events such as this to His own glory. In many cases, it is the only way He can get the attention of some people – and of a nation.
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