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Relief from Care and Anxiety

God's Promises Are Faithful
God’s Promises Are Faithful

Psalm 23:1 “The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.”

There is no doubt that Psalm 23 is certainly one of the most widely known chapters in the Bible. It seems like a good chapter to start a series of daily devotionals with. Believers all over the world find great comfort in its verses. If you are a believer, it can help you find comfort today, because it declares His care for you.

The key to the comfort that God provides is found in the first part of the verse – “The Lord is my Shepherd.” If this part of the verse is not true, then the last part does not apply. You must be one of God’s children for this to apply.

If you are following where Christ leads you, and are obeying Him, then you can be sure that the provision and comfort will follow. He is a good and faithful Shepherd to His sheep. It may not always come when you want, but it will come. Keep on trusting Him for grace and glory, and you can be sure that He will continue to take care of your needs – “I shall not want.” Notice that the promise is for needs, and not necessarily for things you want. Be sure to thank Him for His provision each day, which includes peace of heart and mind, as well as physical blessings.

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