“Identifying the Real Christ of the Bible” – New eBook

Christ Is AliveOver the years, there have been many ideas floating around about the nature and Person of Christ. While some of these ideas range from the almost ridiculous, others are closer to the teaching of the Bible. Still, many fail to understand Who He really was. This Book seeks to set forth a summary of the plain teachings about Christ from the Bible in 10 chapters, clearly answering the question: “Who is Jesus?”

As a Baptist preacher, I believe that the Bible should be taken at face value and that its teachings and words are truly from God. This eBook provides an introduction to Christ for those who may not know much about Him, including His teachings about salvation, His unique life, death and resurrection, and much more.

After finishing reading this book, you will understand why the author says that:

Jesus “really is unlike any other human who ever lived. His unique life and nature are truly beyond any explanation apart from being Divine.”

The 10 chapters in this book provide a careful overview of Christ, with each chapter focusing on a different aspect of His nature and work. Chapters cover some important prophecies, Biblical illustrations of Christ, reveals Who the Bible says He was – and still is, what Christ said about how to get to Heaven, includes some testimonies of others about Him, and much more. 

You can purchase this new eBook at Amazon.com.