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Evangelist Mike Valles

About Me

Evangelist Mike Valles is an ordained Baptist preacher who greatly enjoys preaching and teaching the Word of God. He has been pastor of three churches, as well as a missionary with two mission boards in the Northeast. He was also involved in two Bible Institutes for over six years while there - as Director and Instructor.

Recently he has been preaching in southeastern Tennessee where God opens the doors. He and his wife are graduates of Tennessee Temple University (TTU). He is available for meetings in the area.
He and his wife are currently members of the Fairview Baptist Church in Athens, TN, where Bro. Jack Scallions is the Pastor.

Bro. Mike Valles holds to the old-time Gospel, and writes booklets, blog posts, and correspondence courses when he is able. He also has a course available to teach soul-winning in churches. Follow the link to learn more about Great Commission Ministries.

Contact me:

(423) 920-1544

or, Email: EvangMValles (at)

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About This Website

This website is for the glory of God, the spread of the Gospel and the building up of the saints. Michael Valles is the author of these articles and materials. He is an ordained Baptist preacher.

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