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Serving God Through the Storms of Life

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Everyone knows that life as a Christian is not perfect. The storms come to us just like they do to anyone else. The main difference is that we have God's help because we are His children.

Being His children may not take the pain away - as you can see in the case of Job. He went on serving God in spite of it, and waited until God brought him forth as gold.

This eBook can help you get through those rough times and help you to go on serving God. There is much comfort that can be found in the Word of God. While we do not have all the answers, we do have enough light to keep following.

God is still faithful and His promises do not fail. Job only discovered this because he did not turn aside, and he found that it was well worth it to keep on going.

"Another reason for trouble, at times, is to help you learn the comfort that He is able to give you. In spite of the trouble, then, you will be able to know that His comfort is very real, and that it is sufficient."

The book has five chapters, and presents truths to help you understand what God may be doing, why He permits storms, and promises that will strengthen you during those storms. One chapter also looks at what various Bible characters did when they faced great difficulties that will help you.

Order this eBook now in digital form for $2.99, from Paypal:

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