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New Book!!

Let the Fire Burn: A Prescription for Revival

Revival Can Be for Every Believer

     The call for revival has been heard across America for several years now. Truly, this is the time we need to see God move in our land.
     True believers in Christ need to understand what revival really is and what is necessary to see it happen. The Bible has much to say about it, and gives us several examples to help us know what it entails, as well as the powerful results that bring glory to God.
     Although revival is desperately needed, few believers today have ever seen it in their personal lives, their church, or in their neighborhood. It is not too late – but is getting close to it.
     In this book, Evangelist Michael Valles not only gives a fresh call to revival, but also reveals what steps must be taken to bring it about. Some of the topics covered in this book include: 

  • The Urgent Need for Real Revival
  • America’s Desperate Need for Revival!
  • Revivals in America
  • Hindrances to a Holy Ghost Revival
  • (Three Steps on) How to Get Revived
  • The Key to a Future Strong America
  • The Great Blessings That Revival May Bring
  • Can We Expect a National Revival Today?
  • And more - 15 chapters in all.

     The author emphasizes that we must have revival if we are to have a powerful and lasting impact on our homes, neighborhoods, churches and nation. True Christian discipleship and spiritual growth depend on it. 

      It is time to stop playing religious games and get serious with God! He also believes that as long as II Chronicles 7:14 is in the Bible, that there may be revival here in these last days. It only takes Christians willing to meet the conditions. Are you willing to meet the challenge?

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