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Christian eBooks - by Evangelist Michael Valles

The following eBooks were written to enable Christians to learn Biblical truths quickly and grow, as the Apostle Peter said they should in II Peter 3:18: “But grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. To him be glory both now and for ever. Amen.” (KJV). Christian discipleship and spiritual growth depend entirely on the believer’s knowledge of the Word of God. These eBooks will help establish the believer in the faith and in their daily walk with God. All Scripture is from the KJV.

Each eBook is available in Kindle format and also PDF.

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Do Christians Need the Church Today?

The Local Church Is for Every Believer Many believers today seem to want to ignore the local church. In reality, they may be forsaking their own blessing and power in the Christian life. The local church can provide many blessings besides just salvation.

This eBook clearly reveals why every believer needs to be in church regularly. The N.T. shows us what can happen when believers follow Christ  and fellowship often! Truly, Christ's coming is around the corner and He wants to find us faithful!

"Many Christians never learn what God wants them to do with their life simply because they are not where they can hear His leading."

* Available as a physical booklet only (28 pages) for $2.99 plus $1.00 postage):

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What Is the Bible Really About?

Learn About the Bible This eBook takes a look at the primary Theme of the Bible – salvation through Jesus Christ – starting from the Garden of Eden and ending with the new heavens and the new earth. Christ really is the primary focus of the Bible from cover to cover and these seven chapters are a must read for believers who want to see the Bible as a whole and God’s plan for the ages. A great Introduction to the Bible which will help to show what God is doing on earth. Many Scripture verses are used and explained, along with easy to understand language.

* Available in Kindle format, and as a PDF (60 pages) for $4.99.  Buy PDF Now:

* Buy the physical booklet here for $4.99 plus $1.00 for shipping):

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Finding Bible Answers to the Troubles of Life

Trouble Can Lead to Bible Answers

In recent years, tragedies have been occurring around the globe. Not only have there been natural disasters with large tolls on human life, but crime seems to be getting more violent and affecting more people worldwide. These horrible events seem to be getting worse, leaving people wondering where is God in the midst of it all.

The truth may be really surprising for some to discover that God is not trying to accomplish what most people think He should be doing. Instead, He has a different goal in mind – and it is more marvelous than can be imagined! The good news is that there is good behind all of His actions – while there still is time. You can find God and get His help – in Christ. This book uses many Scripture passages to show that He knows what is happening and He is active. This eBook is written to show people who are not yet believers in Christ, or are uncertain about what is happening around us today.

 * Available in Kindle format, and as a PDF (51 pages) for $2.59. Buy PDF Now:

* Buy the physical book for $2.59 plus $1.00 shipping (35 pgs.):

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Steps to a Better Walk with God; Or, How to Have a Better Personal Devotions

How to Have Daily Devotionals

A powerful key to Christian growth is the believer’s daily time with God. In this 43-page eBook, you will learn:

1. The importance of developing a strong devotional life.
2. The main purpose or ingredient of successful devotions.
3. The primary benefits the believer will experience from having a daily personal devotions.
4. Guidelines for your devotions, with tips to make them more profitable and enjoyable.
5. Things you need to watch out for that will try to rob you of the needed daily time with God.

A list of memory verses is also in this eBook to help you row strong and serve Christ better.

 * Available in Kindle format , and as a PDF. Buy PDF Now for $2.99:

* Buy the physical booklet for $2.99 plus $1.00 shipping (33 pgs):

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God’s Wisdom for Daily Life (92 Life-Changing Daily Devotionals from Proverbs)

Proverbs Is God's Book of Wisdom

When it comes to being made wise from God’s Word, the book of Proverbs was written just for this purpose. Solomon was made wiser than any other man by God, and he wrote of many things for us today, showing believers:

  1. The secret of success 
  2. The keys to true wisdom 
  3. The way to please God
  4. How to have real peace 
  5. How to be wise in relationships
  6. Mistakes to avoid, and much more.
These 92 daily devotionals cover many of the issues we face in daily life and are written to help believers of all ages to respond to situations and people God’s way. Proverbs was written to help us walk close to God and to see things His way – to give us a Biblical worldview.

* Available in Kindle format, and as a PDF (75 pages) $5.99. Buy PDF Now:

* Buy the physical book for $5.99, plus $1.25 for postage (98 pgs.).

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Toward a Better Christian Victory (31 Challenging Devotionals on Victory for the Believer)

Get a Better Victory

Every true child of God faces opposition from the world, the flesh, and the Devil. This means that putting up a worthwhile resistance and getting real Christian victory through Christ can be difficult at times.

Toward A Better Christian Victory presents 31 daily devotionals providing Christians with a challenge to encourage and help you get a better Christian victory. Steps are given to wage a better spiritual warfare against our unseen enemy and continue to enjoy the abundant life promised by our Lord Jesus Christ. Many tips are included to challenge your spiritual growth and discipleship, providing instruction on how to be spiritual through the provisions given us by Christ, the Spirit of God, and the Word of God.

* Available in Kindle format, and as a PDF for $3.29. Buy PDF Now:

* Buy physical booklet for $3.29, plus $1.15 shipping (39 pgs.).

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How to Find God and Go to Heaven: A Look at Bible Salvation

God Wants to Save Everyone - Christ Makes It Possible

In this eBook, you’ll discover clear Bible answers to many common questions concerning salvation and how to get to Heaven. The topic is covered thoroughly and covers most questions you may be wondering about, such as:

  1. Is the Bible really a Book from God?
  2. Why are there so many different religions in the world?
  3. Can a person be sure of their salvation?
  4. Is faith in Christ all that is necessary to be saved?
  5. Can doing good works help save someone?
  6. Why was Christ’s death so important to our salvation?
  7. Do people have to endure to the end to be saved?
The eBook plainly explains how to be saved - according to the Bible. You no longer need to be in doubt about your eternal destination.

* Available in Kindle format, and as a PDF for $2.99. Buy PDF Now:

* Buy the physical booklet only (33 pages) for $2.99 plus $1.00 postage). Buy Now:


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